Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pranic Healing workshop in Santacruz!

Pranic healing is an amazing amalgam of ancient healing sciences and practices from India, China & the Phillipines. It is a no touch therapy of energy healing , experimented and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui which has spread all over the world and now has practitioners in many countries of every continent.
From personal experience, I can say that it is a simple and effective method of being healthy both physically & spiritually though it not affiliated to any religious system.. It is based on the inner spiritual essence of humanity and shows clearly that all people, in greater and lesser degrees, have the innate power to heal, which can be fine-tuned and developed over time. Check it out for yourself!! Padmini Ramesh who is conducting the workshop is coming all the way from Chennai and is a particularly great mentor and a very special person! A wonderful and rare opportunity to interact with her!!

More about Pranic Healing in the poster.. workshop details too.. do pass on to any who might be interested or could benefit from it!!
for more info : www.pranichealing.org , Padmini's site www.e4a.in

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Website & the special Diwali Pouch!

A Big Thanks to all for their support & love!.. the sale at Clove bar & grill was a modest success!! Unfortunately no pics of the event itself.. but will showcase some of the cool stuff on the blog.. watch this space!!

One great development! The website is finally up! Please do visit www.rawworksindia.com
Its got most of products of the various rawworks ranges from the very beginning!! Please browse and enjoy the stuff. To place orders please drop in an email or call!! We will inform you of the availability of the product (handmade items... :)) and hopefully be able to get you your favourite items!!

Another great news is that the Energy lamps and the Saibai, Sakhubai diaries are really flying off the shelf as Diwali season gifts!!! Place your orders soon do we can make them in time!!

The Energy lamps now come with an exclusive Diwali gift pouch to make a thoughtful gift more special!! Check it out!!

Introducing the Bollywood Classic Cinema Range!!!

Presenting the very special, Exclusive Classic Cinema Range of Side-Tables!!

Some new designs & some old friends!!

Bollywood 'is' the folk art of Mumbai! and to commemorate the unique legacy of the city of dreams, the decoupage stools and furniture were created as part of our very first Kalaghoda art fest's theme 'Chalo Mumbai'.. The range has since included all sorts of products celebrating the iconic stature of cinematic images! While the hottest sellers are always the new and latest 'hot from the oven' films and contemporary stars, the exclusive classic range of these stools is a special favourite, featuring greats from the yester years like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar & Devanand and iconic moments from classics like Mughal-e-Azam, Shri 420, & Sholay.

A new Mughal-e-Azam design feat. Dilip Kumar

Mother India makes her debut with this great immortal moment!

Many of them have found themselves in the homes of the rich & famous and some have landed in the homes of the very stars they celebrate!!

Will bring you the latest mini-series with contemporary leading ladies called 'Bollywood Devis' soon..
Some old favourites...
Helen was a one off! a great crowd puller!

Sholay 'yeh Dosti' was our first success! A great moment from a great film!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Perfect Diwali Gift..The Energy Lamp!

All life is energy... we are constantly accumulating and spending energy- fresh, clean positive energy or heavy, contaminated or negative energy.
Often you find yourself either energised or drained after people visit you. This is an interplay of energies meeting..Sometimes we are even the object of jealousy or some such negative vibes.. these invisible vibes put a cramp in our vibrancy and we may feel moody, irritable, "that something is just not right".. It is the energies around you that have been polluted.

The energy Lamp is a simple device that cleans up the energy of the house, workplace, or wherever there is a mixing of the same, and returns your surroundings to a calm, positive source.
A perfect gift to give the people you care for and love.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rawworks at Clove bar & gril, Bandra!

The net connection has been down past few days... but here's the info.. spread the word around.. hope to see ya'll!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rawworks update!!

Its been a long time since anything has gone up here!! but there's a lot of action going on!!
In between the animation work going on at the studio... Rawworks was also kicking its feet about!
The good folks at Midday featured Rawworks a few weeks back ( 29th aug) and a lot more communication lines have opened up! plus a new exhibition coming up next week and yes! the website will finally be up soon too!!
Info on the exhibition & The perfect Diwali gift coming up soon.. Watch this space!

For now : Rawworks in Midday.. a lot of people who know us loved the piece.. Thanks to Kasmin and her editor!

featuring Shambho too!! plus the Bollywood range which we haven't put up here..yet>

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Khannwari" it is!!

Ok folks! The Rawworks quilts are now officially "Khannwari".. Thanks to Charlotte from Singapore for the suggestion. Its a lovely name.
And here is the queen size quilt that actually went to Singapore last month.. what a coincidence!